Frequently Asked Questions

Entering a meet
To find a competition, simply search a specific event/keyword to find the events stored on our database. If you are unsure what you are looking for try searching the letter 'a' and this should return the majority of results.

To enter a competition you have found and wish to participate in, simply create an account with an email address and your ASA registration number. We will be able to obtain the other details with the ASA number. If you are a parent entering on behalf of your children you may associate multiple ASA numbers with a single email login. (This can then be separated when the swimmer becomes of the age in which they enter their own competitions.)

Once you have selected your event and click ‘Enter now’ you will be taken to another page with a list of the swims available in the competition and also the ones in which you (the swimmer) can enter. You must select your chosen events, click the club which you wish to represent and click ‘confirm and pay’.

You will be taken to a summary page listing all of the events you have selected and it will ask you to confirm. At this point you can either pay by any of the accepted methods of payment or you could find another competition to enter/enter your other swimmers (if applicable). This way you can enter all the competitions you need in one go.

One payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email confirming your entries and any further communications will be emailed to you.

Yes, you may enter as many meets as you like, and also enter for multiple swimmers too.

Yes, you can associate several swimmers with your single account. You do not require an ASA registration number upon sign up to the Swimming Events service, but you will need the ASA number of at least one swimmer to be able to enter online.

You can associate your swimmers with your account on your profile page after you have registered for an account on Swimming Events.

Coaches and clubs will have permission to enter swimmers in both relays and individual events. This will require immediate payment from the coach or club and will be restricted to swimmers within the appropriate affiliated clubs. Payment to clubs and coaches will NOT be handled by Swimming.Events. This must be an internal arrangement within your organisation.
At this present time only coach and club accounts will have the ability to enter relay teams.
At the moment this feature is not available to users directly, but will be soon. To edit your entry times please contact us or the event organiser. Edits to entry times after the closing date for entries will be down to the discretion of the organiser.
This depends heavily on the meet promoters conditions and what they allow. Some competitions may have age, time and affiliation restrictions. Please see the individual meet details for more information on this.
Yes, but only coach and club users will have permissions where they can see the total entries from swimmers for all meets in their organisation. To gain these permissions please contact us.
No, but you will receive an email confirmation when you enter.
Not all the competitions listed on the site have decided to use our great service fully, we are therefore listing the meets with links for the information on how to enter so to create a comprehensive list of meets in the UK. This makes it much easier to find UK wide meets.
Yes, some meets will allow for ‘unofficial' times which are not posted on the ASA rankings. This however will vary from one swimming meet to another. Please see the individual meet details for more information on this.
Unfortunately you will need an ASA number in order to enter meets online or offline (unless an internatinal competitor). It is a requirment in the UK to be ASA registered to swim in a swimming club which is affiliated to the ASA, therefore all swimmers should have a number.
Organising and listing a meet
To register as an organiser please contact us to discuss your requirements and so we can verify you as an organisation.
To create a meet your account must have be a special organiser account. Once you have this account you will be able to create a meet. Click 'create a meet' to start and fill in the relevant details for the competition on our online form. If you have any questions or queries during this process, please contact us and we will do our best to help.
Ultimately, the cost is nothing! There are no subscription fees or signing up fees. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.
No, we also cover club championships, smaller leagues and development galas too! If this doesn't fit we can also bespoke tailor a meet layout for you. If you are a meet organiser and wish to learn more about this please contact us here.
Yes, we can support all of the major meet formats straight away. For any bespoke requirements, we can easily accomodate. Please contact us to discuss further.
Typically a meet organiser will obtain the funds following the completion of the competition. This is so we can automatically process any refunds due and make a single payment to the organiser. If an organiser needed funds earlier than this, options are available in certain circumstances.
Payments, withdrawals, rejections and refunds
We currently accept payment via all major cards such as Visa (Credit, Debit and Electron), Mastercard and American Express.
This will vary from one swim meet to another, please see the meet details page for the specific event you wish to enter for details.
We use ‘Secure Socket Layer’ technology (SSL) to encrypt your payment, to ensure your card details are safe. Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode (3D Secure) is also in place where set-up by you, to provide further security. You can identify a secure connection when the usual ‘http’ page address prefix changes to ‘https’. You may also see a small padlock icon indicating that the page is secure, depending on the Internet browser you are using.
All payments are processed in GBP (British Pounds Sterling). If your country/bank uses a different currency, your order value will be automatically converted during payment based on the current exchange rate. If you’re not sure how much your order will cost, you can use the Universal Currency Converter provided by XE for a guideline.
If you withdraw within the deadline set by the meet organiser, you are entitled to a full refund. The booking fee made at the time of payment will NOT be refundable. If you are outside the withdrawal deadline and feel you are entitled to a refund or have extenuating circumstances please contact that event organiser. If your withdrawal request is refused by the meet organiser, unfortunately there is little we can do. Please see each individual meet organisers conditions before entering the event to ensure you understand their terms.
If you are rejected from a meet a full refund will be issued to your payment method. Unfortunately your booking fee will be non-refundable.
To withdraw from a meet before the deadline set by the organiser, go to your Swimming.Events account, click my entries, tick the ones you wish to withdraw and click withdraw. You will only be shown these options if the organiser allows it. You will be prompted as to whether you are sure, click yes and then you are done. If you do this in error, you will have to enter again and will incur another booking fee. If you are outside of the deadline for withdrawal or do not have the option to withdraw we cannot perform this action for you so you will have to speak to the events organiser directly.
There could be a number of reasons you get rejected from a meet. This could be due to oversubscription, incorrect entries etc... If you are rejected you will be notified by email and the reason you were rejected will be stated. You will be refunded automatically back to the payment method you used for the events you were rejected from, however the booking fee will be non-refundable. If you were rejected from most races in a certain meet and now want to withdraw from the whole meet please contact the meet organiser, they are generally are very helpful, will take such situations into consideration and generally give a full refund (this will vary from one swim competition to another).
If you have followed the above steps and are entitled to a refund it may take up to 5 working days and will be refunded straight back to the payment method which was used. Booking fees are non-refundable. Any rejections in the meet will be automatically refunded in this way. If there are any issues with you refund process, please contact us.
We can support many other types of meet/event entry, please contact us here for more information/to discuss your requirements.
We will use your email address to email confirmations, receipts, notifications about the meets you have entered, meets near you and other content from our promotional partners. Please note that we do not share email details to third parties. All email communications will be sent from Sailfish Systems Limited. You can manage your marketing preferences in your account settings or by contacting us.
Yes, you may enter as an international swimmer but this is dependent on whether the meet organiser accepts entrants who do not have an ASA number.
To get coach permissions, you will need to register a regular account with your email, contact us and we will verfiy your account and update your permissions.
To get a club account, you will need to register a regular account with a club email, contact us and we will verfiy your account and update your permissions.