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Revolutionising swimming


Revolutionising how you enter swim meets with no subscription fees or sign up costs!


Enter meets anywhere and anytime, without trips to the local pool to post your entry.


Quickly search for meets, find out what you can enter, pay and enter immediately! Giving you more time to do the sport you love.


Entering swimming meets has never been easier, say goodbye to paper forms and struggling to find out where to send the entries...

Search Meets Near You

Search for meets based on location. So you can find out which meets you can attend.

Easy to find Information

Finding comprehensive information on swimming meets can be notoriously difficult. With our comprehensive directory of meets, this won't be a problem again!

Enter Multiple Events

With Swimming Events you can enter multiple competitions and people in one go.

Bye Bye Cheques

Now there is no need for cheques! Saving you the uncertainty of when they are to be banked and also your club treasurer doing countless reconciliations.

Later entry deadlines

Swimming Events helps to reduce the amount of time needed to set up, process entries for and run a gala. Meaning deadlines can be later and closer to the events themselves!

No more processing refunds

Clubs will no longer have to process refunds for rejections (or equivalent). All refunds are processed automatically and are refunded via your payment method.

And this is just the beginning. See the full list of the benefits.