Gold Medal Mindset with Tom Bates

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13/05/2023 - Castle Rock School

Every performance must start with one thing… Belief. Through this inarguable event swimmers, parents and coaches alike will have the chance to hear from world renowned Performance Psychologist Tom Bates on how to take performance to the next level through the power of self-belief.

We have created the ultimate two session workshop to give you the best opportunity possible to understand how to maximise mindset so you believe you can deliver when the time comes. This will be fast paced, interactive and most importantly, high energy. We are ready… are you?

Gold Medal Mindset with Tom Bates
Swimming Events and AP Race Clinics
Saturday 13/05/2023
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Age 12 and over
There is no spectating for this special event. Everyone attending must have a purchased ticket.
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Castle Rock School

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