AP Race Clinic Featuring Luke Greenbank

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05/06/2022 - Peterborough

I am so excited to be hosting my first ever AP Race Clinic! Becoming the first ever AP Athlete was an honour and I am so excited to now be able to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve picked up over my swimming career.

My journey hasn’t been easy, I started at one of the smallest clubs in the country and although I had an amazing junior career I found the transition from Junior swimming to senior swimming really challenging and I had a 3 year long plateau but thankfully persevered and managed to translate my junior success into senior Olympic success.

I can’t wait to see you in June and inspire you to become #BetterThanYesterday

-- Luke Greenbank

AP Race Clinic Featuring Luke Greenbank
Swimming Events and AP Race Clinics
Sunday 05/06/2022
Open to:
8 - 17 years old
Parents are welcome to spectate the pool and gym sessions and to attend the Parent Support station
For enquiries about this course, please send an email to clinics@aprace.club.

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